Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bill Maher, Michael Eric Dyson Discuss Lost Confidence in Obama 2012

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Your Black World reports

Just a few months ago, when President Obama authorized the killing of Osama bin Laden, there was little question about whether or not the president would win the 2012 election.  Since that time, the economy has become more fragile and recent negotiations on the debt ceiling have led some to wonder if the Obama Administration has the ability to shore up its base.

Filling in on “The Ed Show,” Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson interviewed Bill Maher, who stated that he’s lost faith in President Obama and wonders if he can beat all Republican candidates in next year’s presidential election. Dyson asked Maher if he thought that any Republican candidate can defeat President Obama, and Maher said this: 

“Absolutely, I do, especially where the economy is going,” Maher said. “I mean, they’re getting what they want. They want the economy to tank, because that’s their best ticket to beat Obama. And the bill they just forced him to sign is a great start to ensure that we have this double-dip recession, and that unemployment stays high, and that nothing is moving in the economy. They’re choking the recession in the crib. That`s just what they want to do.”

Maher went further to question President Obama’s decision to, as he seemed to believe, patronize Republicans rather than confront them:

“I just don’t understand this man, this idea — let’s go half in on a really bad Republican idea,” Maher said. “Why is he parroting their talking points on economics all the time instead of presenting the counter argument? I mean, maybe he’s doing well in the polls, he’s not doing well in this poll. You know, and I don’t think I’m alone. I think for a lot of people who like Obama and always will like Obama. We love him as a person, you know, he’s such a breath of fresh air as a president: a hip, smart law professor, you know.  But there’s just something missing there, as far as the way he fights back.”

Maher went on to criticize President Obama for not sticking to his guns in the recent debt ceiling debates and to not pull back the Bush tax cuts:

“I have to tell you, the magic is gone,” Maher said. “After the Bush tax cuts, after he rolled over on that and a number of other things. And this latest one — I mean, he has no credibility with me. I mean, I heard him the other day, getting right back on the podium, saying, ‘well, now, we need tax increases, we need to get some revenues and those corporate jet owners and the oil companies’ — you know, it’s like, wait a second, I just heard this for three months and you gave up on all of it, and didn’t get any of it? Why would you get it now? Why would the bully now give you what you want?”

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